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Whether you are a movie star or a stay at home mom, everyone wants to hide their age using anti aging skincare products and procedures. Sadly, anti aging skincare is not achieved by any magic potion that will render you ten or twenty years younger over night. It is about discipline and about being proactive with your skin care regime to retard your skin's aging process.

Here are a few tips for proactive anti aging skincare:

1.Maintain healthy eating habits: A well balanced diet is the key to maintaining a proper body metabolism. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (raw), they are the best source of fiber and will provide all the natural nutrients your body will need. Avoid unsaturated fats as nothing ages the skin and the body more than being over weight.

2.Beat stress: This is probably the most important anti aging skincare measure. Stress disturbs the body's metabolism and deepens all those frown lines which accelerates the aging process. Sleep, exercise and fresh air are all good ways of beating stress. A nice bath with pure aromatic oils such as rose and lavender will also help soothe a stressful mind.

3.Drink a lot of water: Anti aging skincare can’t be any simpler than this simple method. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, and to keep the skin hydrated. Although there is no scientific evidence as to how much water one should drink, a safe target is to divide your weight by 16, and the number you have will be the number glasses of 8 ounce water you should drink. For example: if you are 176 lbs, take 176 /16 and you will have 11 - the number of glasses of water you need a day.

4.Regular exercisesuch as brisk walking, a dance class or some weight lifting is a wonderful anti aging skin care procedure. Besides toning your muscles, it also helps in cleaning the skin by flushing out the toxins in the form of sweat. Exercise should be followed by a warm shower in order to completely remove the toxins.

5.Avoid the use of harsh, chemical based productson your skin. Skin care products with natural ingredients are a good option. Use of organic skin care products (home made or commercial) can be a very effective anti aging skincare measure but do not overuse skin care products either, as your skin will need to breathe and be able to regenerate naturally as well.

6.Do not ignore skin disordersespecially signs of Rosacea or abnormal skin markings; it can lead to permanent skin damage or worse. Visit your dermatologist and seek his/her advice as soon as you can.

7.Vitamin C as a supplementand in skin care products are also popular means of anti aging skin care. However, be careful as these products seem to oxidize very quickly (which makes them harmful for the skin). Store them properly and if the product turns Yellowish brown, the vitamin C in the product has oxidized and is no longer suitable for use.

8. Wonder why people like Madonna and Nicole Kidman always looks so youthful? They never go in the sun, or if they do, they will make sure they are well protected against the sun's rays.Protect your skin against UV radiation; UV rays are known to speed up the aging process. So, a good sunscreen lotion or cream of 30+ should be a part of your anti aging skincare routine.

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