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Have you earned $100,000yr in home improvements, real estate or insurance?

NEW INVENTED ART STYLE! Color prints look like oil paintings with elegant details! They are also HISTORIC DOCUMENTS! Seeking men and women who can earn up to $3000 a week!

PAID DAILY Monday thru Saturday 10am to 4pm.Your territory is where you live on the I5 corridor! And you will learn the perfect place to market your prints! Low prices for top quality art. FAST SALES!

Included is my Iconic 6 print series of the Beautiful Gulf Coast of Mexico.

The only lighthouse on the centerline of a four lane hwy way in the USA!

Shrimp Boats in Ocean Springs, just down the road from where the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company was filmed in the movie Forest Gump!

Elegant Sailing Schooner that took up to 37 people on three day trips to the Pan Handle of Florida and back to Biloxi, Mississippi!

An amazing Beach Mansion with 300 year old Oak Trees growing out of the sand with the moss hanging down! Countless people married in front of this home since 1856!

Turn of the century Beach Trolley Car taking people up and down the Coast going deep sea fishing, golfing, shopping, sun bathing, swimming, eating sea food and... the first Casino Paddle Wheel on the Gulf Coast! Four years later 50,000 people a day drove into town. The second largest Casino spot in the country. Only second to Las Vegas! This set sells in art galleries for $300 and up.

And my drop dead beautiful 22" x 28" Photographic color print of the World Famous Seattle Pike Place Market that everyone want! Retails for $300 to $500 in art galleries.

I am making all 7 prints unframed available for only $100! Here are the numbers. Sell three sets on average on your 6 hour shift= $300 volume a day. You receive a 50% commission= $150 a day=$900 per week. Sell 1 set per hour =$1800 per week! Train 3 reps that duplcate your production and receive 10 percent over rides on each rep. Earn up to $3000wk! Evenings off! Work close to home!

Are you always on time for shifts, dress for success and do your best? And do you like smiling and having fun with people? Please send your RESUME.Then you will be invited to review my 7 prints and YOUR presentation book that takes 2 to 3 minutes to understand! Appointments set at Starbucks!

Mike Lowe Artist /Writer

For Details, please email me using the form on this page, or Text 206-412-2860

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