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Do you know how your nose works?

In The Emperor of Scent, Chandler Burr tells the story of Luca

Turin, a man with a golden nose. Turin used biology, chemistry, physics and his

own amazing proboscis to develop an establishment-shaking theory about how

humans smell.

He proved that it was vibrations of electric bonds between atoms

–and not molecular shapes, as previously believed- that caused scent.

Before Turin’s work, perfumery was a black art. “Let’s mix this

with that and see how it turns out.”

The old theories of shape produced inaccurate predictions.

But Turin’s theory enabled him to accurately predict what scents

certain combinations would produce.

“I’m going to mix these two scents together. It will produce

these kind of molecules. Which will produce these vibrations. And it will smell

like mint and little bit of wood smoke.”

And, sure enough, “Poof!” Mint and wood smoke.

Remember your middle school science class? Scientists are

supposed to value theories with “predictive power” because they have practical


Turin’s contemporaries must have skipped that part in their

science textbooks because his new theory was not valued by the establishment.

On the contrary. Instead he heard, “No thanks. This doesn’t fit

our view of the sensory sciences. We already know the answer to that question.

We’re going to pass on publishing your paper.”

He went to conferences and heard, “No thanks. We don’t want you,

stay out.”

Crazy, right?

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